Below are some common questions and answers around our Jewellery designs and purchasing engagement rings and wedding rings online or instore. If any of your questions remain unanswered, please contact us.


Glad you asked! We have a lot of experience working with clients from all over the world, click here to read some of the stories.

Custom Bespoke Jewellery: We can work with you through email, phone or virtual consultation via video call to turn your ideas into your perfect jewellery design. We can create a sketch of your design for you and then once your design is finalised, in most cases we will create a digital render in CAD (computer-aided design) software. During the CAD stage you will be able to make any minor adjustments to your design prior to crafting taking place. At this point we can also create a 3D to-scale polymer model of your design and send this to you to truly visualise and even try on. Once you’re completely happy with your design it will be crafted in our workshop by our experienced and award-winning master jewellers. In some cases where designs are best to be completely handcrafted, these will have a sketch created and go straight into the workshop to be entirely hand-forged by our master jewellers.

Of course! We’d love to talk to you and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us here. 

VG Jewellers was found in 1981 and has been in business for over 40 years. While having the ability to work with clients worldwide virtually, we are not solely an online business. We have a brick-and-mortar showroom in two cities and on-site workshop that has been in operation since 1981. We are here to stay and take every precaution to give the utmost confidence in our jewellery. We work with world leading diamond cutting companies who are members of the responsible Jewellery Council and our subsidiary Floeting Limited is a member of the American Gem Society. Our friendly team are always happy to give you a virtual tour around our showroom. We also have over 300 positive reviews from our wonderful customers, you can read about some of their stories here.

Manufacture & Custom Bespoke

Depending on the design it will take approximately 3 - 6 weeks to handcraft your piece. However, if you have an urgent request we will do everything possible to accommodate you. For in stock and ready to ship items these will typically be shipped to you within 1-3 working days. Find out more on our helpful shipping page.

Our team of in-house jewellers at VG Jewellers specialise in custom bespoke jewellery design and manufacture. We can only provide jewellery repair services for pieces we have crafted or supplied.

Yes, most rings can be engraved. Just tell us what you’d like and we can advise you on your specific ring. Please note though, that if your item is engraved it cannot be returned. 

Yes! In fact it's one of our specialties and we have years of experience designing and manufacturing custom bespoke jewellery. We’re passionate about bringing your dreams and ideas to life so please don’t hesitate to reach out with your jewellery visions and ideas, we’d love to work with you. 

Great news – with the way our business works, no it’s not! We actually find we can create better value than most rings bought straight off the shelf. It doesn’t take much longer to create an original design than one that is already made. The fact that we source the diamonds direct, manufacture the ring in house and then deliver the finished piece directly to you means we can create great value compared to off the shelf retail pieces. 


It’s always very hard to define what is the best diamond for your money. Some people go for size in a diamond, some for whiteness or clarity, or of course, a combination of all of those.  

Our belief is to always combine the best cut and finish as a priority, and it is this that will ensure sparkle and scintillation. It can mean that a slightly smaller diamond can often have more impact that an averagely cut larger one, so we always recommend going for quality of cut, and then try and bring together the best combination of size, colour and clarity. 

In search of your perfect diamond, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to make recommendations and source some stunning diamond options which meet your ideal price point.  

Hearts and arrows are what can be seen in a diamond through a special viewing machine. Essentially, they reflect excellent symmetry but don’t always necessarily reflect a well-cut diamond. We first recommend looking for a diamond with a high cut grade, then in many cases, the symmetry will also be very good which will allow you to see hearts and arrows. 

There is a common misconception in the market that fluorescence has a negative effect on the diamond, but studies have been completed that show this is not correct. Strangely, it actually helps reduce the cost of the diamond, but more importantly in this case it will have a positive effect on the diamond by helping it look whiter to the eye. 

For reasons of ethical and proven provenance we do not work with externally sourced diamonds. The only exception to this rule is for diamonds already set into an existing piece of jewellery, in which case this would fall into our remodeling service rather than creating a new jewellery design.  

We know that with our direct access to the best diamond cutting companies in the world that we can match or better any alternative options available. Feel free to get in touch with us with the details of what you’re considering purchasing and we’d be happy to provide an alternative quote. 

Ethics and Sustainability

We go to great lengths to ensure the quality and value of the diamonds we craft into jewellery, but also guarantee that they are ethically sourced and certified conflict-free. We provide diamonds that have guaranteed provenance, are Kimberley Process compliant, are the best cut and finish ratios, and where possible have full international diamond grading certification.  

We are proud to say that we deal directly with one of the world’s most reputable and leading diamond cutters, who, like ourselves, are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. They have the ability to individually track every diamond’s journey right from the beginning, the mine. 

We have personally visited the operations of the diamond cutting company and they have strict adherence to the Kimberley Process and guarantee that their diamonds are ethically mined and traded in the most honest, transparent and straightforward manner possible.  

We are always happy to chat about our diamond sourcing processes, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. 

We’ve put a lot of time into researching lab-grown diamonds and synthetic simulants such as moissanite and from our research have determined that these options have cons which out-weigh their pros, so we do not work with synthetic or lab-grown diamond or gemstones. You can read more about our stance on lab-grown diamonds here. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship, and in doing so, endeavor to ensure that all materials used in the crafting of our jewellery are ethically sourced. The companies which we source our precious metals from in fact aim to benefit the environment, protect human rights and uphold social responsibility. 

Our precious metal suppliers demand evidence from their sources and support them in implementing these values across their supply chain and are either members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) themselves, or ensure all metal sourced is from an accredited organization either a member of the RJC or the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). 

Where possible though, we melt down and recycle or reuse precious metals from existing metal or jewellery. We ensure that whether this process is done in house or outsourced, the method of refining is safe and has minimal effect on the environment. 

You can read more in-depth information about the precious metals we use here. 

Sizing, Cleaning & Warranty

Don’t worry, we understand it’s tricky to discreetly measure the correct ring size for your engagement ring while keeping it a surprise, so to help with this we offer one complimentary resizing for all engagement ring purchases, as long as the difference is around 1-2 sizes. After you’ve presented the ring if it doesn’t quite fit just let us know and we can arrange resizing your ring, so it fits perfectly. 

For personal ring purchases, one of our experienced master jewellers can still resize your ring to ensure the perfect fit, but as there may be a charge for this it’s best to have your ring size measured by a manufacturing jewellers prior to purchasing. 

Remember that there are many reasons for your finger size changing such as aging, climate and weight changes. We recommend that you wait a couple of days to double check that the ring still doesn’t fit. Some rings cannot be resized easily so keep that in mind and discuss it with us when you are deciding on your ring design. Please note that your warranty will be voided if the ring is resized by anyone other than VG Jewelers or our recommended international jewellers. 

It’s easy to clean your ring at home, read our helpful ring cleaning guide for some tips and tricks. 

After being in the jewellery industry since 1981, we’ve determined a few ways to do this: 

-Find another of your partner's rings that you know fits on their ring finger. Trace around the inside circumference of the ring and measure the diameter. Tell us the measurement and we can determine a ring size from this.  

-Alternatively, you can put the same ring onto one of your fingers and work out where it stops on the finger. Pop into your local manufacturing jewellers and our they can then check which size ring fits on your finger in the same place.   

-If your partner doesn’t have any rings, you could ask some friends to stop in at a jewellery store next time they are out together and try on some fashion rings. Get them to take note of the size and we can work out an engagement ring size from that.  

If none of the above are possible, send us photos of your partner where their hands are in shot (preferably holding something for scale such as a glass or their phone) and we can make an educated guess as to the size. 

Remember, if after you’ve presented the ring it doesn’t quite fit, we offer one complimentary resizing for engagement ring purchases as long as the size difference is around 1-2 sizes. Find out more about resizing your ring here.

In short, yes, we recommend your jewellery is cleaned and checked annually by a professional jeweller authorised by VG Jewellers. This will ensure your VG Jewellers warranty is still valid. Please bear in mind that if your VG jewellery is repaired by a different jeweller to ourselves or our recommended international jewellers, this will void your warranty.

Finance and Purchasing

It is entirely up to you and what you can afford. Commonly it has been said that a good guide is one - three months’ salary, but this isn’t followed very much anymore. We recommend spending an amount you're comfortable with, while considering the fact that your partner will be wearing this ring for the rest of their life. Given that we are manufacturing jewellers we can work to your budget and will make sure you get the best diamond ring possible for a competitive price. To find out more about buying an engagement ring, read our helpful engagement ring buying guide. 

Contact us and we can advise you on finance options available in your location. 

Shipping and Returns

This will depend on your location, we have a helpful shipping and returns page with more information here, but feel free to contact us directly if you have any specific questions about your jewellery piece and shipping timeframe. 

We can ship our beautiful jewellery to United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and Europe. We have a helpful shipping and returns page with more information here, if you would like to confirm that we can ship to you please do not hesitate to contact us.

For International shipping items cannot be delivered to a Post Office or P.O. Box, however items can be collected from your local FedEx Depot. Items shipped within New Zealand can be delivered to a P.O. Box or to a selected Post Office.

Returns will be accepted at the discretion of VG Jewellers and are subject to a quality assurance check. Click here to learn more about our Returns policy.