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In 1981, jewellery designer Ian Douglas, a former NZ Apprentice of the Year, opened The Village Goldsmith jewellery store in Kelburn, Wellington in New Zealand.  

With an affinity for loud shirt patterns, Ian is never one to shy away from designing a bold piece of jewellery either. This along with his natural curiosity and perseverance for crafting perfection is the basis for what VG Jewelers would become today. 

The expanding team moved to a larger premises in The Dominion Building in Wellington's CBD. Since then, the company has continued to build its name internationally as an innovative and creative group, always pushing the boundaries of design.  

Of course, while still treasuring the relationships built over the years with many locals as their beloved family jeweller. 

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The creative team has won or been a finalist in over 20 national and international design awards. Ian is a former EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and Chris Benham (Director) is a former winner of the Jewellery World Awards (previously JNA) Award for Young Leader of the Year from London Stock Exchange Listed UBM Asia.

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As members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, we are constantly working towards improving all aspects of our business to play our part in bettering the world and our people. We recognise this isn't something that can change overnight, but we are documenting our journey for you to follow. 

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Whether you're crafting your own unique piece of jewellery or have fallen in love with one of our ready-made designs, we're always excited to create new unique designs, to tell your story; and who better to craft them than our award winning jewellers. 

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Besides from beautiful design, quality always comes first to us. From the craftsmanship to the quality of materials, diamonds and gemstones we source, you can trust that your piece of jewellery is made to the highest quality. 

What does vintage soldering equipment and a blacksmith iron have in common?

Well to us, loads. These items were chosen to feature in our flagship store in Wellington, New Zealand because they represent the same values that we do in our work. These items were chosen because not only do they all have their own unique beauty about them, they also were created in a time when objects were built to last. Something that's not that common these days. 

They are just a few of the objects of by gone days that we have chosen to repurpose into our unique interior to give new life and meaning to. Upcycling these items reflect our values as designers and craftspeople, demonstrating a commitment to create beautiful and enduring objects that will stand the test of time. 

Since originally opening in 1981, to where we are today has been a wonderful and rewarding journey. 

Here are some of our proudest moments... 


Pendant design for the most valuable diamond ever discovered in the USA.  

The Esperanza stakeholders approached us to design a piece of fine jewellery as the setting for the Esperanza diamond. 

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Winner of 2nd Place Professional Design Excellence in the MJSA 2016 Vision Awards 

When we came into the possession of a 232 carat, natural blue, triangular cabochon topaz, we knew it was destined for a magnificent piece of jewellery. When one of the team described it as if you’re looking into a swirling ocean filled with all sorts of wonders, the the Maori legend of Maui fishing up the North Island sprang to Ian’s mind. 

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The Inspired Delicate Collection Finalist in the 2016 UK Jewellery Awards

The Inspired Jewellery Delicate Collection was named as a finalist for the Bridal Collection of the Year in the 2016 UK Jewellery Awards. The Patai ring was awarded Bronze at the 2016 New Zealand Best Awards.  

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