Tāne: Paua, Pearl & Sapphire Pendant in Yellow Gold


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Tāne: Paua, Pearl & Sapphire Pendant in Yellow Gold

The Tāne pendant was inspired by the Māori Legend of Tāne. As the god of forests and birds, Tāne decided to separate his parents, Papatuanuku, the Earth mother, and Ranginui, the Sky father, who were in a tight embrace causing nothing but darkness. The pendant and its elongated design represent Tāne and his siblings’ journey of separating their parents to reveal the light, thus creating Earth.  

The Tāne pendant features a pair of beautifully rough-cut tumble polished sapphires, however, the stars of the show are the hand-sculpted piece of Paua and the natural rough pearl.  Rough cut sapphires show the journey of Tāne and his siblings, and their disagreement with their sibling, Tawhiri Matea, on separating their parents.  

The pink sapphire represents Tawhiri Matea, and how he left for the sky to be with his father after the separation. The purple sapphire represents Tāne’s brothers, who stayed on earth, between both of their parents. The 18ct yellow gold arrow that stretches between the paua and presses into the pearl represents Tāne amid the act of pushing his parents apart to allow for light to stream in. The pendant is hand crafted in 18ct yellow gold, with a woven flax leaf feature behind the paua to further tie the pendant to aspects of Māori legend and culture. 

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